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Austin Nicoson


I’ve been blessed to be a full-time Health Coach &

Personal Trainer in Houston, TX for the past 10 years.
I’ve learned that we’re all incredibly different, and that our individual needs must be addressed to reach our fitness goals.

My value as a Health Coach is to assess your lifestyle and provide the accountability, expertise, and tools that are necessary for success.
I utilize the latest technology to take the stress out of your exercise program. Everything will be accessible from your smartphone via top-rated Trainerize Pro fitness software.

Workouts, exercise stats, body measurements, daily reminders, your daily caloric intake and more, all from the palm of your hand!

Your lifestyle is the most important factor for overall success.

Together, we'll come up with realistic strategies to make gradual, and consistent changes to your lifestyle that are conducive to your fitness goals. 

No more yo-yo dieting and frustration;

My goal is for you to create lifestyle habits that will naturally maintain your fitness success so that your results are sustainable!

When it comes to the workouts, I believe in practical, athletic training that will prepare you for a higher quality of life;

Play with your kids longer, carry in groceries with ease, lift heavy objects with great form. Feel strong and youthful!

Coaching clients towards a healthier lifestyle is my passion,

and I have all the tools, knowledge, and experience at hand for you to be successful.

Success starts here, 



Offering Personal Training in the Houston area at clients' homes or my Training Studio in Spring Branch, 77080

Complimentary Intro Session

When you're ready to make a positive change, it all starts with taking action:

A phone call or complimentary in-person PT session is a great way to see if my Personal Training & Health Coaching services are the right fit for you!

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What Clients Are saying

"I have trained with Austin for ~9 months and my experience is fantastic with this tech savvy trainer. I’m measurably stronger, far more aware and genuinely look forward to the session and resulting soreness. He is empathetic but always driving forward and finds ways to measure and account for my activities. If you are looking for an expert, and one who will ensure that you earn every session, then look no further."
-Cliff B. 
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"I’ve been using Austin as a personal trainer for more than a year now, he’s been helping me every step of the way on my fitness journey. I had tried other trainers available to me via my employer, and strip mall based fitness trends, but I never really stuck with any of them.

Austin’s training plans make me want to show up at the gym, as I know we’re going to make progress every week. I can see appreciable change in my muscle mass, my fat composition and my body shape from month to month and it keeps me coming in. He explains my workout plans and how they’re designed in a way I can understand and with as much ‘sciencey’ detail as I like. 

-Justin S.

Austin is a fantastic personal trainer! Not only is it his goal to help his clients get fit, but also communicating and introducing all kinds of factors that go into a healthier lifestyle such as checking in to make sure you’re staying on track, bringing awareness to conscious eating and exercising, and overall being the best trainer/cheerleader you could ask for. Every work out is changed almost daily and you never get bored. He makes it his job to challenge you for every workout, but only because he knows you are stronger than you think. He makes me see my goals as achievable and not impossible.
-Ray H..
"We've all struggled with our fitness goals.
Any fitness professional, Instagram model, you name it; have all struggled at some point. The keys to success are patience and dedication. I know what it's like to be unhappy with your looks, to feel less confident.
And I know how to coach clients towards a better quality of life.
Today you and I can take the first step towards success, together!"
-Austin N.
"I have worked with various trainers over the years (and even worked in a boutique gym during graduate school) and Austin is by far one of the best in the business. He's easily accessible, very responsive, stays interactive throughout the process (not just on days when you're standing before him in the gym), and has a super positive personality. But, I have to say, his best trait might be that he has the patience to endure training me after I've had a day full of chaos at work (I'm not always in the perkiest of moods).

If you need someone who will provide you the mechanisms you need both inside and outside of the gym and someone who will hold you accountable without being a 'drill sergeant' then Austin is your guy!"

-Erin P.
If you’re looking for someone solidly in your corner for your fitness journey, you’ve come to the right place. Austin is very knowledgeable and professional. He is very responsive to your personal needs and develops a plan to help you succeed. We tailored a plan for my first few weeks, but when my gym closed Wk 2 due to COVID-19, he sent me an updated calisthenics workout plan overnight! He has plenty of advice, employing his knowledge of body mechanics to make sure you are working out the best way to achieve solid results with low risk of injury. He is able to answer a lot of questions about muscle groups and why we do things one way vs another. Don’t get me wrong the workouts are tough, but his methods of keeping you motivated and accountable in and out of the gym help to build a strong and positive relationship. It’s not just weight training and cardio, you can emphasize flexibility, balance, control, and explosiveness to help you become a better overall athlete!
- Alvin L.
"I have known Austin as a trainer for a few years now, he was the one that transformed me from a skinny old man to a person that is not self conscious to walk into a gym with a tank top on , he instills a confidence into you that allows you to feel confident and move forward. I am now working with him as part of the on-line coaching aspect of his business, he stays in constant touch and is a wealth of information. Great guy and great trainer."
- Troy B.

Online Health Coach &

Personal Trainer

Serving Clients in the Houston Metro-Area

Location: Peppermill Road

Houston, Texas 77080

Phone: 832-819-0022

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