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Being Uncomfortable is Key for Success!

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

If there’s one thing that holds true for pretty much everyone, it’s that we don’t like being uncomfortable. And why would we? It sucks.

But the truth is that being uncomfortable is arguably the single greatest feeling that leads to success. Let me tell you why.

I like to equate feeling comfortable with a state of being stagnant.

In other words, as long as you’re comfortable, most things in your life will stay pretty much the same, unchanged.

We get comfortable with making a certain amount of money, why try for that promotion?

We get comfortable with how we look, why push our workouts any harder, eat any healthier?

We get comfortable with the relationships we have with people, why press into deeper conversations that may raise some debate?

Although being comfortable feels great, it significantly limits your potential for personal growth, in any respect.

Only by breaking through the plateaus and the perceived barriers that separate comfortable from uncomfortable can we get a deeper sense of what we can truly achieve.

The reason I fell in love with fitness and weight-training years ago was that even though it sucked having a bunch of weight on my chest, and it felt like the world was gonna crush through my body, the amount of pride was the greatest I’d ever felt when I eventually lifted that s**t back up.

Just like training any particular muscle, you have to train your mental strength in the same way. Only through repetitions of feeling uncomfortable will you ever reach your highest level of confidence and belief in yourself.

So apply that principle to every set of exercise you complete, during every workout, of every week, of every year..think of.the amount of practice you’ll get from constantly almost failing or almost quitting and imagine how it will translate into growth in all other things that you do; both in the gym and the real world.

My challenge is for you to make yourself feel uncomfortable frequently (and responsibly, of course) in order to push your own boundaries and prove to yourself that you’re capable of far more than you ever imagined.

Then watch as the rest of your life is elevated towards a whole new level of success!

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