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My 3 Tips for Breaking Through Training Plateaus

If you feel like your workouts have hit a plateau, you’re not alone.

I hear this story regularly with people I talk to at the gym and have even experienced it myself a few times.

When we begin exercising we typically see a ton of progress within the first few months, assuming we’re going pretty consistently and putting in good effort.

But shortly after those initial gains, a plateau hits and sends a wave a discouragement.

Let me give you the insight on my 3 biggest tips to break through your plateau so you can keep your progress moving along!

The first thing you do is reevaluate exactly what it is you’d like to accomplish, and precisely how you’re going to measure it. If you step in the gym without an idea of what “success” looks like, then you’re basically a dog chasing his tail.

Once you know what it is you’re after, sit down and review what your workouts have looked like these past couple of months. Notice any patterns or consistencies? flip the script and attack your goal from a new angle.

For example; if you’ve been following the same training split (back/bis, chest/tris, legs/shoulders, etc.) then it’s time to change the game.

Incorporate more compound movements, change up the rest intervals, intensity level, weight load, etc.

There’s certainly an optimal program design for your specific goal, but my point is that your training protocol should be changed significantly.

The second way to break through your plateau is to hire a Personal Trainer or find a training partner. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been lifting for a month or a decade; everyone can use the accountability and extra boost of intensity.

A (good) Personal Training or workout partner will help you drive past your perceived limits and into new territory with your physical performance.

And on those days when nobody would know if you missed your workout or slacked off,

your PT or workout partner will be the first one calling you up, “Get your a** to the gym, we got work to do!”.... :)

Trust me, it’s worth the investment!

Lastly, try supplementing with one of the most heavily researched products for increased physical performance; creatine monohydrate.

The full explanation of creatine and how it functions to increase physical performance is a topic for its own article, but suffice to say it’s been studied since the 1960’s and proven safe to use. Creatine supplementation increases strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance, allowing you to increase the overall intensity of your workouts and breakthrough current plateaus. Before you start supplementing Creatine, I recommend doing your own research and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

So in summary, plateaus are inevitable when it comes to weight training.

Instead of getting discouraged and backing away from the gym, utilize the three tips above to continue your training and breakthrough to your next level!

Physical training is a lifelong endeavor, so remember to brush off the short-sighted setbacks. Commit to a healthy and athletic lifestyle, making steady progress over the long haul to achieve your physical potential!

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